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More than three decades ago, Dr. Terri began helping students, families, schools, churches, and community-based organizations with their higher education concerns. Then in 1993, she founded Mindset as a solo private practice located in the central New Jersey area. Since its founding, Dr. Terri has sought to create and maintain a positive climate for clients to engage in conversational learning; and to attain a more satisfactory lifestyle within their everyday lived experiences.

In more recent years, Dr. Terri saw a rise in adults seeking her assistance. Many of them were looking to pursue their education and/or career goals after years of putting their dreams on hold. As a result, she became increasingly involved with adult populations and issues related to self-perception, social influence, career transitions, romantic relationships, sensemaking, and decision-making--all of which led to her being the educator, empowerment writer, and entrepreneur she is today.


With earned degrees from Spelman College (Sociology), Old Dominion University (Higher Education Administration), and Nova Southeastern University (Higher Education/Adult Learning and Gerontology), Dr. Terri brings to her private practice thirty years of combined experience as both a college administrator and an adjunct faculty member. As an administrator, she has worked in college admissions, career services, academic advising, and special programs. For nearly twenty years, she taught communication courses for lower and upper division college students. Throughout her career as an educator, she has remained passionate about assisting others in reaching for their personal and professional best through post- secondary education and lifelong learning adventures.


Dr. Terri's passion for helping others reach their best can also be seen through her role as an empowerment writer. She not only uses her writing to inspire her readers to live powerful and productive lives; but she uses it to empower them to embrace healing and wholeness socially, emotionally, physically, sexually, intellectually, and spiritually. As part of Dr. Terri's journey as an empowerment writer, she teaches community writing classes as well as guides clients through their diverse writing projects. And as a way of keeping her friends and family inspired, she provides daily words of meditation and encouragement via her social media and blog posts.


When Dr. Terri is not putting her beloved pen to paper, she can be found facilitating workshops, organizing learning events, and speaking to audiences on-air and in-person. Her entrepreneurial endeavors have been designed to provide education planning, writing guidance, and life-mapping services to adult learners and graduate students. Thus, by coupling her academic journey with her experience as an educator and empowerment writer, she aims to personally support each of her clients in becoming fearless learners, leaders, and lovers.

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