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(on hold during the pandemic)

Many of our clients are introduced to our services through our group writing class sessions. It is a great way for students to meet other motivated learners, such as yourself, and to improve their skills for work, school, or personal writing projects. The curriculum is user-friendly; and the safe, welcoming environment allows for conversational learning to take place between the participants and the learning facilitator. With our classes, you will find not only the opportunity to build your writing skills but the opportunity to build your learning confidence.

For this academic year, we are offering:

Grammar Rules Writing

Feeling the need to return to grammar school? This 3-week writing session will take you there as you (re)learn the basic parts of speech, punctuation usage, and sentence structuring.

From Ideas to Essays

This 3-week writing session is perfect for those returning to school or looking to brush up their skills for the workplace. Building upon the Grammar Rules Writing workshop series, participants will learn about various types of essays as well as how to implement simple strategies for thinking through ideas, creating thesis statements, and building well-structured sentences and paragraphs.

Speech Writing Basics

Whether preparing for a civic speech, work-related presentation, class project, or religious message; this 3-week writing session is perfect for those who are looking to develop their speech writing and presentation skills. Join us as we learn the fundamentals of writing and delivering informative and persuasive speeches.


Our classes are geared toward motivated adolescents and mature adults who are self-directed in their learning. Thus, our participants press their way to our learning spaces because they choose to learn and they are driven to learn no matter their current educational level.

Currently, our classes are offered within a traditional classroom setting and hosted by area community-based organizations. If you or your organization is interested in hosting classes at your location, please connect with us via our contact page.


We know summer moves fast even when things slow down. So now that you have a little more down time on your hands, why not consider taking our writing classes in a shorter amount of time? That is, rather than taking 3 week to complete our regular sessions, you can finish each class within a 2-week period. You will get the same 6-hours of learning the content with time to spare for those summer plans.

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