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Our service approach is aimed at building a healthy coach-client relationship that focuses on finding solutions and maintaining a dependable accountability partnership. Because coaching is not therapy, our services are not designed to create patient treatment plans. Rather, through conversational learning, our clients are empowered to (co)create for themselves viable, measurable, and attainable plans of action. Below are the details about our three-fold solutionary services.


Helping motivated learners with their pursuit of education and lifelong learning adventures is our priority. We help adult learners and community-based organization peer groups navigate through the admissions, academic advising, and career planning processes at the post-secondary level. We can help you or your organization tackle such issues as:

  • Selecting a College
  • College Admissions Applications
  • First Generation Concerns
  • Experiencing HBCU Life
  • Single-sex education
  • Adult Learning
  • Academic Advising
  • Choosing a Major
  • Utilizing Student Services
  • Transfer Process
  • Graduate & Professional School Admissions
  • Community Education
  • Professional Development


Our referral-based only writing services are designed to assist adult learners and graduate students with completing academic writing projects. It is ideal for those who need guidance with the thinking and writing processes prior to sending drafts to instructors, committee reviews, and publishing editors.

Group Writing Class Sessions

  • Grammar Rules Writing
  • From Ideas to Essays
  • Speech Writing Basics
Individual Writing Assistance
  • Sounding Board Sessions
  • Proofreading


Journeying through life can be done decidedly or haphazardly. The goal of our life-mapping service is to help adult learners create a quality of life journey for themselves based on purposeful planning and deliberate decision-making. We work with the client to clarify values, set goals, create action plans, and set measurable benchmarks. While most everyday lived experiences are suitable for our services, our most popular areas of focus are:

  • Emerging Adulthood (ages 18-29)
  • Relationship Building
  • Single Parenting
  • Sensuality and Aging (Online Women's Center)
  • Legacy Planning
  • Self-Care While Caretaking
  • Mid-Life Management
  • Life Transformations
  • Finishing Your Starts
  • Bucket Listing

Rates & Scheduling

Investing in self-improvement is one of the greatest deposits you can make in the building of the life you desire. So why continue regretting what you should've, would've, could've done yesterday? Today is a new day. Turn those 'did nots' into 'dids' by investing in your future now. Contact us for a free consultation to see if our solutionary services fit your needs. We offer:

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate busy lifestyles and time zones.*

  • Reasonable rates for organizations hosting group sessions and classes.
  • Discounted fees for full-time college/graduate students.
  • Convenient virtual meeting modes: phone, Duo, Google Meets and Hangouts.
  • Solution-focused 3-6 month engagements with renewable options.
  • Easy payment plans to help budget and meet self-improvement goals.
*To ensure each of our clients receives quality service and personalized attention, we will only on-board new clients as space permits.
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