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Dr. Terri’s support was transformational in my journey to completing my dissertation. Dr. Terri’s turnaround time was responsible and exceeded expectations every time. Her feedback was exceptionally clear. She served as a tremendous thought-partner who made the final leg of my run to the finish line worthwhile. Dr. Terri helped me to consider some things that made the elements of each chapter even more closely knitted to the purpose of my research. To add, she helped me keep it all in perspective, bringing levity to moments in time when it was needed most. Dr. Terri is a masterful asset to the writing life of any researcher, writer, or research-practitioner.

Dr. S. V. P., Doctor of  Education -- New Jersey

Thank you Dr. Terri for all your support and direction with my doctoral journey. As I walked the stage, I reflected on all the tedious work, sacrifices, and your direction that helped me to focus through my research dissertation. I will be forever grateful of your skilled support. 

Dr. T. K.F., Doctor of Nursing Practice -- New York

Dr. Terri, you are an amazing individual who God has used to develop, encourage, and support others. The time that we have spent working together; not only has/is uplifting my spirit, but is providing me with spiritual insight that is making me a better me. As we embark on another year, I am wishing you abundant peace, prosperity, joy, and love for you and your family. I will continue to hold to God's Unchanging hand and yours as I work towards completion with my current goal of obtaining my doctorate. Peace be with you always.

Dr. T. C. T., Doctor of Education -- New York

Dr. Terri, I want to thank you for your kindness, patience and your calm style of teaching. Your expertise along with the love of God blessed me tremendously. As an educator, your guidance help me to sharpen my skills as I review narratives and case studies. The assessment reviews for the undergrad program I now complete with confidence. Again thank you Dr. Terri.

Dr. C. H., PhD in Counseling -- New Jersey

Dr. Terri, thank you! I celebrate you in my life. Your words of wisdom and your life of courage are astonishing. Without your laughter, and first-rate editing skills, earning my doctorate would have been impossible. You continue to be an inspiration in life."

Dr. T. L., PhD in English -- Michigan

Words cannot express how I feel about Dr. Terri. She continues to guide and encourage me to strive for excellence. I have been out of a class setting for over thirty plus years and now I'm a college student maintaining a 3.5 GPA. I believe with her guidance and knowledge I will complete this journey of becoming a Social Worker.

M. J. -- Virginia

By the grace of God, Dr. Terri and I became connected the August before I turned 50. It started with a Facebook post and a question … what exactly is life-mapping? Who knew that such a simple question would lead to the start of an exciting chapter in the book of my life? I am grateful that Dr. Terri leads with her heart and supports me with knowledge, expertise and compassion. I do not believe in coincidences and during our preliminary “getting to know you conversation” it was confirmed that Dr. Terri was the very best person to share this walk with me – she is authentic, a great listener, objective, positive and digs deep to help you uncover the jewels inside of you that you forgot about, or never realized were there. She is inquisitive without being nosy and because Dr. Terri is God-fearing, has a servant heart and an amazing brain, she always gives me what I need … when I need it and least expect it. I am blessed to know Dr. Terri; I am blessed to have Dr. Terri remind me that it is okay for me to be priority #1; I am blessed that Dr. Terri is my safe place and truly appreciate that no matter what happens in the midst of our conversational learning … we laugh, I cry, I am speechless (rarely ever happens), or I experience a very loud “aha” moment … she does not judge and allows me to “just be me”. I look forward to fine tuning my map and would not trust this process to anyone but Dr. Terri.

M. M. W .-- Still Becoming Me, California

From my high school senior year until now, Dr. Terri has influenced, empowered, and most importantly guided me to my success while attending college. I am a testimony of how Dr. Terri is truly able to put you on your path to success with her wisdom, patience, and dedication. I went from under a 2.0 G.P.A. to a 3.0 G.P.A. From not having a major that best suited me to a major I absolutely love. From being misguided to now having a plan for my future in higher education. I could never thank Dr. Terri enough for what she has done for me, but I am forever grateful and blessed to have met such an amazing person. Please let Dr. Terri direct your path to success, it will be your best investment.

B. T. -- BA, New Jersey

Dr. Terri is pragmatic and wise beyond her years. She is able to merge with you on your life's journey and help with accomplishing goals. Her minimalist approach to guiding you makes the process enjoyable and life changing.

Y. M. -- K-12 Educator, Georgia

I cannot thank Dr. Terri enough for all that she did to convert my life experiences into cohesive portraits of where I have been on my life's journey. She allowed me to be me but gave my voice body, shape, and distinction. Working with Dr. Terri was the equivalent of working with wisdom wrapped in precision. The essays she helped me write were a small portion of the honor I felt to converse with a kindred spirit. I thank her for helping me bring life and shape that have changed me forever. Thank you for being my guide. I am more grateful than you can imagine.

S. B. P. -- School Administrator and Executive M.B.A., New York

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