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Every Season is the Season for Giving 

Why not give a loved one (or even yourself) the special gift of self-improvement all year round?

Our affordable, accessible, and adaptable services can help someone special in your life (co)create their next lifelong learning adventure.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to purchase your gift today!


Hobbies, Habits &

Other Hidden Hang-Ups


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"Hobbies, Habits & Other Hidden Hang-Ups is a delightful and well-crafted collection of poetry that celebrates life and explores the amazing journey of discovering self. Whether discussing relationships, praising family, or sharing words of wisdom regarding spiritual growth, readers will be inspired by this gifted poet's heart-felt poems as we too travel the sacred journey within."

~Angela Kinamore, Poetry Editor (ESSENCE Magazine)

"What will the reader find in these pages? Understanding, loss of love, surrender of passion, danger of anonymity in a love affair, the love of a child -- it's all here. Fearlessly portrayed through the talented, raw, and encompassing craft of the poet."

~ Karen Jennings, Writer & Editing Consultant

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